Who are the UniSA Project Team?

Project Leaders
Dr Sukhbir Sandhu (School  of Management)
Mr Roger Edmonds (Teaching Innovation Unit)

Project Officer
Ms Kallia Choustoulaki

Subject Matter Experts
Prof Marianna Sigala (Tourism)
Dr Sunil Savur and Dr Manjit Monga (Business)
Dr Tom Raimondo (Geology)
Dr Kiera Lindsey (Australian History)
Dr. Alison Wrench (Health)
Dr Stephen Atkinson (Indigenous Education and Arts)

Online Educational Designers
Mr Roger Edmonds
Mr Simon Smith

Reference Group
Dr Dale Wache (Academic Developer: Teaching Innovation Unit)
Dr Lisa Schmidt (Senior Lecturer, Health Education Flinders University)
Asoc. Prof. Stephen Boyle (Dean: Academic)

Dr Sukhbir Sandhu
Dr Sukhbir SandhuCo-Leader
Sukhbir has a PhD is in strategic management. Her research and teaching have a very strong sustainability focus, and are centred on understanding the drivers that can steer business organizations towards sustainability. In 2010 she co-developed Business and Society, a core course in the UniSA Business School.
Roger Edmonds
Roger EdmondsCo-Leader
Roger is an experienced online educational designer supporting the teaching innovation units implementation of blended delivery and online learning. He is also co-leading a Digital Learning Strategy Project on location-based mobile learning.

Conference Presentations and Workshops