Location-based mobile learning (LBML) tours and games are an amazing use of mobile devices for learning in the real world. They embrace the characteristics of mobile learning, location-based learning and wherever possible, game-based learning. Delivered as a mobile app they integrate storytelling, augmented reality and rich media with GPS, maps and gamification methodologies. LBML tours and games involves students using:

  • GPS and maps to power-up experiences with authentic location-interaction tasks
  • Storytelling, rich media and augmented reality to deliver meaning, persuasion and an emotional connection
  • Gamification that converts desired tasks into ‘play’ tasks by integrating them with game mechanics to motivate student engagement to improve retention and recollection of knowledge
  • A mobile app to deliver the game and the learning processes beyond the borders of the traditional classroom
It might be a sightseeing tour, a mystery trail or an adventure game that students play as they walk/cycle/drive to locations shown on a map on their mobile device. As they approach each, rich media activates to reveal a story inviting them to interact with the location, with the media, answer a quiz or upload photos or notes. They can rate/comment on their experience through social media and playback the experience to share with friends.

Its truly Pedagogy GO if you wish to unlock educational content at real places in real situations with location-based mobile learning.