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Provides a complete platform to create, deliver and administer location-based mobile learning.

Personal Channel
To design, develop an publish games and monitor activity

Game Maker
Link media, challenges and rewards to places and build in game mechanics (no programming required)

Navigate, discover, perform challenges and upload media (iOS and Android)

Companion Website
Explore for games and content, read the backstories and playback game experiences (photos, notes, GPS traces answers to quizzes)

Admin Tools
Monitor player analytics




  • Download and install the Mobile Learning Academy app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Sign-up within the app for a free players account
  • Launch the Mobile Learning Academy app
  • Search Nearby or use a search term like ‘unisa’ to find our UniSA developed games on the app
  • Touch the Download tab to download associated media


  • Ensure your phone is fully charged
  • Launch the Mobile Learning Academy app
  • Select the ‘My’ games tab to launch the downloaded game
  • Read the instructions and click the START button to begin playing
  • When your position (moving dot) overlays a place marker it automatically activates to reveal screens with text to read, videos and photos to view and tasks to do.
  • When a place is completed, close the window and move to the next location
  • Upload photos & notes and rate, review and share your experience on facebook and twitter
The Mobile Learning Academy platform was selected to develop the LBMLG’s in the project due to its applicability to higher education, ease of use, strong customer support and popularityThe Mobile Learning Academy is a 7scenes product to support new forms of learning for the 21st century. 7scenes, a mobile storytelling company delivers a branded, CMS based software platform, optimised for location-based applications on smartphones.