Project Description

Pirate is one fun loving, adventurous Labrador X Blue Healer. Loving his daily walks on the beach with his owner.

But today was like no other…..

During Pirate’s walks, he would always wander behind his owner Issy, exploring his surroundings, but always making sure he could see Issy ahead. As Pirate continued his daily adventure down the beach he decided to run and catch up with Issy. To Pirate’s horror it wasn’t his owner that he had been following! He panics, looking all around him for a familiar face that can help him. Pirate continues running up the beach in a desperate attempt to be reunited with Issy.

Once Pirate finally stops from exhaustion, he all of a sudden feels sick in the pits of his stomach as he has now realised that he has not only lost his owner but Pirate is now lost himself.  Trying to calm down, Pirate looks around hoping to see something or someone that would help him, but soon to his horror Pirate now had to accept he was lost….

Can you help Pirate find Issy?

Designed and developed by: Felicity

Location: Semaphore Beach, Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 6-10, General Public