Project Description

This location-based mobile learning prototype game has been designed for the HERDSA 2018 Conference Workshop in which delegates will experience playing a location-based mobile learning game as part of a workshop covering the design and development of LBMLGs. 

The game is based on the ‘Torrens Walkabout” LBMLG designed by Dr Jeanne-Marie Viljoen to help her students improve English language skills in an authentic & contemporary context and to assist them to feel more familiar with their new home in Adelaide and to give them something to chat to locals about. They conduct detailed observations of their environment, not only in a visual but a multi-sensory manner, making use of figures of speech and less commonly used verbs and adverbs to describe movement as they enter short descriptive texts into their devices. They also practise expressing opinions and describing their feelings in first person narratives.

The City-West Walkabout game leads you to walk around a short route in the vicinity of the Convention Centre and the Torrens River. Along this route your phone will prompt you to stop at different places, at each of which, you will be asked to do different things.

Audience: HERDSA Conference delegates and General Public
Age: All
Sponsor: University of South Australia