Project Description

“This will be perfect,” said John Stevens as he stumbled upon an area of white flowering tea trees which grew in the surrounding gullies.

John Stevens an aspiring landowner in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide established the township of Tea Tree Gully (formerly known as Stevenson) in 1839.

Come take a ride in John Stevens’ adventurous ghost train as we explore the diverse cultural heritage which forms Tea Tree Gully’s past and todays present landscape. But keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled as some jealous former landowners may play tricks on you which may lead you down a weary, gloomy path.

As you play, friendly past and present locals will help you discover the mystery rumoured secret hidden somewhere in Tea Tree Gully. Have some paper or notes on your phone ready to record the clues. Good luck!

Designed and developed by: Donna

Location: Tea Tree Gully, Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 6-12, General Public