Project Description

Kate has two favourite things in life, her soccer ball and taking a walk down at Brighton Beach, this day she decided to combine both. She was thoroughly enjoying her walk, kicking the ball back in to her hands, and bouncing it occasionally, although never too much, or it would annoy the other people around. She took a seat on the bench with her ball next to her overlooking the jetty and surrounding shore, it was peaceful and for just one moment in time, she felt like she was the only one there.

Kate left her ball on the bench and walked over to the rubbish bin where she placed her cup and serviette in the bin, and walked back to pick up her ball.However, when she reached the bench, her ball was nowhere to be seen. She thought she had wrong the bench, so she quickly searched the other surrounding benches to no avail. Kate went back to the original bench and search high and low, that is when she saw a note attached to the underside of the bench.

Confused, Kate read the note…

If you are reading this, then I have taken your ball.

You will only get it back if you complete all of the tasks. One of Kate’s close friends is Detective Riley, and she knew he could help her out. She called him, and within the hour he was there, ready to help. There is only one problem, they need your help to solve the questions. Detective Riley can find the questions, however it is up to you to reunite Kate back with her ball.

Designed and developed by: Brianna

Location: Brighton, Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 6-10, General Public