Project Description

Bo was the chief penguin in charge of all the other penguins. He made sure that they were all behaving, had enough food, shelter & were being cared for properly. Unfortunately one winter, a huge storm came and all of the penguins igloos were blown down. It was going to take so long to rebuild. He had to get the whole village together, fast.

Bo knew exactly how the village looked before, immaculate. He wanted the village to look the same. He thought that if he gave every group the same amount of materials, then every igloo would look the same. Off he went, he split everyone off into groups and gave them their piles of materials. The rebuilding of the village was well underway!

Or so Bo thought… half a day later when he came to check on the igloos… THEY WERE ALL DIFFERENT! The village looked ridiculous! Bo was so shocked, he didn’t know how this could be possible!

Play the game and you WILL NEVER BE CONFUSED AGAIN…..

Designed and developed by: Rebecca

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 5-10, General Public