Project Description

Kathleen resides in the Nullarbor Plain and is about to celebrate her 16th birthday in the upcoming weeks and there is no better way to celebrate than with her family and best friend.

Kathleen’s family reside in different regions, which means she would need to travel to each one of them and give out her invitations to help celebrate some of her sweetest moments. Kathleen needs help in reaching her destinations on time and make sure the party is planned and organised before everyone arrives to her sweet sixteen.

To achieve this goal, you are asked to come and join Kathleen along the journey as you visit each destination and give out the invitations to each of her families and best friend. As well as have the privilege to learn about the specifications of the different Indigenous regions in which her family reside in.

Designed and developed by: Sawafta and Arnela

Location: Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 6-10, General Public