Project Description

The world is full of exciting and interactive stories that engage our interests and inspire us to form a love of literature.  As we read, we turn on our imagination and explore stories that introduce new ideas into our world – ideas about fantastical worlds, other planets, different points in time and invented characters.

You and your partner must put on your explorer hats and undergo an unforgettable journey to discover the power of literature. Through this journey, you will discover many British classic tales. You will learn the different techniques these authors’ have used in their stories to spark the reader’s interest and promote them to engage with and help enter the story.

(This game is suggested for Grade 4 students and relates to the Australian Curriculum English content descriptor ACELT1605).

Designed and developed by: Rachel and Emma

Location: Carrick Hill, Australia
Sponsors: University of South Australia
Audience: EDUC 3068 Students (University), Year 3-5, General Public