Indoor Genre

When creating an Indoor Game in the Mobile Learning Academy – follow 3 simple steps:

1) Use the MLA gamemaker process to select the building in question (eg Art Gallery, Museum etc)
2) Add a floor-plan of the building (as a .jpg or .png image) and
3) Start adding places to the map.

You can choose any floor-plan you like and even design one yourself. On mobile phones it will behave exactly the same as a Google Map; you can pan and zoom as you are accustomed to. Because GPS positioning does not work or is too inaccurate inside buildings, players can simply tap places to open them. Additionally, you can export QR images for all places in your Game, so you can for instance easily create stickers, that you can put up anywhere (if permission is given by the venue).

Scanning a QR code with the camera option in the app, automatically opens the linked place.

Click the [5000, 1place] button on a laptop to see floorplan and test place marker

FLOOR PLANS (downloadable)
Upper Ground Floor Art Gallery of South Australia

Upper Ground Floor Art Gallery of South Australia

Basement Art Gallery of South Australia