This Aspect is concerned with the way that course coordinators, tutors and online educational designers can work together at different levels to design and develop LBML tours. It is important that the playing and/or designing of LBML tours by students be explored from the student’s perspective and expectations. Looking at their expectations will inform the design processes and lead to better quality outcomes and deliverables.



The 3 Strands in this Aspect will help course coordinators to consider the following questions:

  • Concept Planning: How is this achieved? What combinations of human resources can be Course coordinator, online educational designers working with course coordinators as subject matter experts, students as designers? does the mixed team of course coordinator and online designers support a culture of innovative curriculum practice?
  • Creating the Game: How is the LBML tour created? Who is responsible?
  • Integration: In what ways can the LBML tour be best integrated into the course?