This Aspect is on how LBML is made available for students to play within the course and how course coordinators can collect data and use it to inform both assessment and future planning? Students access the LBML activity through a mobile app on smartphone or tablet. They use it to login search, locate places, engage in location-interaction tasks, real and virtual content and learn. A companion website provides a backstory, repository of photos, and instructions to play



The 3 Strands in this Aspect will help course coordinators to consider the following questions:

  • Running a Project: How is the LBML activity most effectively played by students? As a single activity or lecture or tutorial, or as a student initiated activity (eg pre, during and post a field excursion).
  • Playback and Analytics: How do I access analytics data on participation/completion rates, see GPS traces and answers to quiz questions and uploaded photos and notes to validate student visits to places in the games.
  • Evaluation: How are LBML tours impacting on learners and their achievement? How can data be collected and analysed? How is ethics approval obtained?