This Aspect reflects the importance and practical needs of delivering a sustainable, manageable mobile learning framework that both staff and students can use to self-direct the design, development and delivery of LBML.



The 3 Strands in this Aspect will offer strategies to:

  • Build staff capacity in mobile teaching and learning: Academics will be offered professional learning experiences to extend their knowledge, skills, experience and understanding of how location-based mobile learning games can enable students to learn more effectively in-context. They will be better placed to adapt course design to students’ current practices and levels of ability that will enrich their student’s learning experience using digital technology.
  • Increase the number of students designing games: Particularly as designers students will be building their media literacies acquiring in-demand skill sets by managing, operating and applying ICT to be effective investigators, communicators, collaborators and co-creators of learning
  • Support students: What resources are available to support concept planning, design and development, integration and evaluations for students?