This Aspect presents the predicable and non-predictable challenges of designing and playing a LBML activity.



The 3 Strands in this Aspect will help course coordinators to consider the following questions:

  • Non-predictable: What challenges in designing and playing a LBML activities are outside of the course coordinators influence? (eg daily weather conditions, sunlight reflecting on screen, OHSW issues, technology/mobile network problems, student’s character and motivation, social interaction between students, spatial awareness, map reading).
  • Predictable: What challenges in designing and playing a LBML activity are predictable and can be planned for by course coordinators? (eg seasonal conditions, technology/mobile network, group size and members, learning goals and their integration into the curriculum, time)
  • Sustainability: What strategies are in place to ensure the framework and the pedagogy it is build around is sustainable and has long term maintainability and adaptability to new technologies?